Join the BoB Shark Network

To join the network of shark conservationists, please do contribute to this blog.


Dear Ocean Defenders, welcome!

This is the informal blog site for a shark conservation platform in its neonatal stage launched by a small group of conservationists from the littoral countries of the northern Indian Ocean aka the Bay of Bengal.

Conservationists from the Bay of Bengal countries are collaborating to share learnings with the hope to find more suitable and tailored ways for shark-friendly coastal and marine fisheries management in the local level.

Join the network!

Are you interested or involved in any sort of coastal/marine conservation or research works in the Bay of Bengal or anywhere in broader Indian Ocean region?  To join this network, please do contribute to this blog with your experiences and learnings!

What to share?

Share your experience in fisheries management in relation to Elasmobranch biodiversity, or write policy brief/analysis/opinion pieces on shark conservation in your local area/ state/ country, or it can be a simple field note from your recent trip.

You can share stories about how irresponsible fishing practices and unsustainable fisheries (such as finning, illegal fishing gears, and trade in endangered species) are threatening the shark populations and the prospects of a fishing future for the people; we encourage to share stories of people, communities and organizations working to protect these graceful predators of the Ocean.

Clicked a photo of any fin-tastic shark species underwater or after being caught? Send the photos with a little information. Or do you’ve recently gone through any related literature? Please do not hesitate to share the notes you’ve taken.

As a people, we’ll be trying to improvise bottom-up approaches to protect Elasmobranch biodiversity in the region and establish local community-based programs.

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