Book: Sharks, Skates & Rays of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute felt the need of compiling a simple but technical pictorial hand-book for easy identification (also for non-specials and general readers) and knowledge gaining about these fishes. This document comprises of a one year of field study funded by the BOBLME project and previous studies. This book is outcome of this endeavour.


Does the future of sharks depend on sustainable fishing?

As the term ‘shark fishing’ strikes many readers essentially as a demonic force, the authors remind us that about 4,406 ton of fin (8.7% of total global trade of fin) is sourced from sustainably harvested shark fisheries.

Science-Policy interface for shark conservation in Bangladesh: a far-off reality?

Shark and rays are apparently facing the threat of overfishing in Bangladesh, however, both the scientific communities and policy makers appear to be indifferent to the issue. What can possibly be done about it?